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Round-Abouts Restaurant offers an assortment of our signature Rounds™ and Yo-Yo's™ in a variety of flavors, along with chips, green salad, fruit salad, a soup of the day, and the usual array of non-alcoholic beverages. Our Rounds™ are 3-inch "pies", filled with one of our delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner combinations and our Yo-Yo's™ are 1.5-inch "pies" regularly filled with dessert flavors. These make excellent appetizers and finger-foods for parties and casual events. They are great for the office as well! Our signature Rounds™ and Yo-Yo's™ both feature our special Round-Abouts Restaurant recipe pie crust. For the current list of flavor combinations available, see our "About" page.

(All combos served with your choice of Green Salad, Fruit Salad, Chips or Cup of Soup)

Combo #1:  1 Round™, Side, and Drink    $5.74
Our most popular option! Combo #2:  2 Rounds™, Side, and Drink    $7.24
Combo #3:  3 Rounds™, Side and Drink    $8.49

Single Round™    $2.49
Green Salad    $2.49
Fruit Salad    $2.49
Soup (cup)    $2.49
Chips    $1.29
Cinnamon Roll    $1.49
Round Browns (hash browns)    $1.49

Fountain Drinks    $1.29
(Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Tea, Raspberry Tea, Lemonade)
Coffee    $0.99
Bottled Drinks    $1.99

Yo-Yo's™    $1.49

Dessert Yo-Yo™ 4-pack      $4.99
Dessert Yo-Yo™ 8-pack    $9.99
Dessert Yo-Yo™ 12-pack    $13.99
Rounds™ 6-pack    $13.49
Rounds™ 12-pack    $24.99

(Please call ahead for catering and special orders)

Rounds™      $24.99 per dozen
(any flavor)
Yo-Yo's™      $13.99 per dozen
(any flavor except Cheese Steak and Roast Beef)
Cinnamon Rolls      $14.99 per dozen
Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.